Saturday, December 18, 2010

Technique For Females

I'm going to share with you some of my female bodybuilding techniques that I use everyday with my training. Bodybuilding is a unique sport, since it requires 24hrs a day of vigilant behavior. It takes a very strong person to do this. If you do these things on a regular basis, you will have a much better chance of succeeding

Water: Water is an important compound of life. It makes up around two thirds of our entire body. When it comes to muscles, it makes up more than 80%. Muscle is practically water and you need to have a high intake of it. When you're lifting weights, ripping muscle fiber and repairing it, what will happen is that the water around this area will get "dirty". It won't be quite as pure and it will fill up with toxins. Normally, you wouldn't need a high amount of water, but since you're ripping muscle fiber you need it. This allows the toxin filled water to leave the body while you put in fresh clean water. This makes the whole process of bodybuilding much more efficient 

Maximize Muscle Growth While You Sleep: Sleep is an important part of building muscle tissue. It is the time when major "construction" happens on the internal workings of your body. Most people don't get enough sleep, so they don't have good results. You should be getting around 8-9hrs a night. Here is a great piece of advice to get the most out of your sleep. Your body needs the amino acids found in protein to repair muscle tissue. The problem is you're not eating protein when you're asleep. What you can do is eat a high combination of fat and protein before bed. A good example would be cottage cheese. The fat will slow down the digestion and protein will slowly digested throughout the night.

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