Thursday, December 23, 2010

Famous Female Bodybuilders

This post is to provide a little inspiration and/or good reading. It will focus on famous female bodybuilders.

Aimée Molleman is a young attractive Dutch female bodybuilder, living in the Netherlands. Born and raised near Amsterdam, Aimée has competed since 2004 and her well developed muscular physique makes her one to watch - a rising star of the future. This muscle women site has a bio section, forum, latest news, info on Aimée's stats and sizes and even a members section for female muscle fans

Official site of the great looking and well developed female bodybuilder Barbara Fletcher. Californian born Barbara has always been sporty and competitive. Growing up she played baseball, softball and basketball. Barbara soon got involved with female bodybuilding and did her 1st show in 2002. There is an interesting bio section and she also has a members area with photos. You can even buy autographed 8x10's. Check it out.

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